People who feel a sense of belonging at Open Door are the people who have connected. Whether you are single, married or searching to connect with others, Open Door has a place for you. Our groups serve a wide variety of functions. Some provide care and support, others a chance to know people on a deeper level, while our classes focus on personal transformation.

Come. Belong. Plug-In. Encourage and be encouraged as we do life together.

Ways you can connect at Open Door Church:

Home Groups are the first line of ministry for individuals and the best place for life change to happen. Our groups are designed so people can experience authentic, Christian community and cultivate a desire for spiritual transformation. This happens through accountable relationships, prayer, scripture study and reflection, and service. You'll find our groups casual, comfortable and nurturing; a place where you can belong.

Discipleship Training Groups (DTS)
DTS groups are small, interactive groups designed with the express purpose of helping us to grow and mature in our relationship with Christ. Discipleship is the process of learning how to follow after God and Godly principles. We work hard to build strong accountability in these groups.

First Step Class
Open Door offers an introductory class several times each year that allows people to "kick the tires" of the church. Led by our Senior Pastor, this class covers what we believe as a church, who we are and how we function together as a team. Here, every participant has an opportunity to ask any questions regarding Open Door and get connected with other newcomers. If you are interested in becoming a church member, this is the first step to take in doing so.

Networking is a class, held over several weeks, that covers the What, Where, and How of ministry. Offered on an "as needed" basis, we try to help you discover your passion, spiritual gifts, and personal style regarding ministry and your role in it.

Teamwork is highly valued at Open Door, and we liken our church operations to the various systems in the human body. There are many individual parts, each with different functions, all working together for the benefit of the whole. We believe combining our uniqueness as individuals in interdependent team ministry is the best way to achieve our vision. Individuals serve together in small teams, and small teams serve together as one large team, "the Church."

There is a place for you in whatever way you're wired and gifted.

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